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A message to our music industry

To all our local artists, venues, promoters and event managers: we know you're doing it tough. We know that every cancellation and postponement is devastating for you and the whole music industry, and that this is likely the toughest time you'll face in your professional lives.  

We also know that when we start to come out of all this, we will rely on you to bring back part of the lives we've missed so much. To bring back the songs, the beats, the singalongs, and the shared joy of being in a crowd, experiencing live music. 

We're here to ask you to keep trying. Your community needs live music like never before, so please keep planning as many gigs as you feel able. Some of them will happen, and they'll be so special. Some of them unfortunately won't, and that's where we come in. 

Starting now, we'll help out financially with any gig or live music event planned within the City of Port Phillip that is forced to cancel due to a lockdown or escalation in public health restrictions. That can be for the workload and costs of rescheduling, or artist and crew fees if you have to cancel. 

We're here to help because we miss the music as much as you do and we all need it to be there on the other side. If you lose your gig, get in touch. And please, don't stop the music. 


Please Don't Stop the Music

Lockdown Assistance Scheme 

A targeted support program from Port Phillip Council, providing financial assistance for live music performances within the municipality forced to cancel or reschedule due to lockdown. 


Locals Playing Locals

Live Music Support Program 

A targeted support program from Port Phillip Council, providing financial assistance to encourage live music events featuring local performers at venues within the municipality.