Live Music in Port Phillip

Celebrate Music Southside

Live music has long been at the heart of Port Phillip. Our City has fostered generations of musical creation, performance, education and celebration.

As our communities have continued to grow and transform, the local music industry has faced many emerging challenges ―none so great as those caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Live N Local is your one stop shop for everything live music in City of Port Phillip: a resource for local artists, local venues, and local music lovers to seek support, and show support for our local industry.

Kutcha Edwards performs with Elwood Community Choir at Memo Music Hall, 2019

City of Port Phillip

Live Music Action Plan

In early 2020, the City of Port Phillip committed to delivering a four-year Live Music Action Plan to help ensure live music continues to thrive in our city for generations to come. Then COVID-19 changed everyone’s plans, including ours.

The Live Music Action Plan has been redrafted to address the new challenges facing live music in City of Port Phillip, such as bringing audiences back safely, supporting local musicians, and assisting our venues with recovery initiatives. 

Financial assistance schemes

We're here to support live music

As the proud home of innumerable events, and the venues that host them, we are committed to providing immediate support and long term sustainability for Port Phillip's live music industry.  At this critical time for many who have persevered with reviving the local scene, Council has launched two new initiatives to assist with the effects of public health measures, in particular lockdowns, on live music performance. 

Live N Local is your one stop shop for everything live music in City of Port Phillip.