Back Pocket

  • Rock

Back Pocket was born as a result of Sophie and Anna's obsessive consumption of Flight of the Conchords during Year 10 Home Room. Years later, after finally deciding to take their own music to the stage, COVID-19 sent the band into a tailspin.

Throughout the lockdowns the pair continued to develop their repertoire in iconic, (covid-safe) St Kilda settings like Alma Park and St Kilda Botanic Gardens. Not only did the end of Melbourne lockdown mean the band could start properly searching for gig opportunities, it also came with the potential to expand! With the addition of Jeremy and Matt, the band has reached its ultimate form. Back Pocket's debut gig was at Pause Bar in Balaclava.


4-piece Band

Anna - Guitar, vocals

Sophie - Guitar, vocals

Jeremy - Bass guitar

Matt - Drums

All band members needed.


Anna Stewart