Badger Wood

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Lisa Wood and Colin Badger’s mutual love for guitars was the linchpin for their new joint album set for release summer 2024 “Badger Wood”. Lisa and Colin first met at Guitar Emporium in Albert Park, when their friendship first began.

During 2020 (when Colin finally got himself a new phone) he contacted Lisa to share with her a few ideas he had been working on, to ask if she might be interested in making an album together. Lisa and Colin talked about their musical influences and decided they might have the genesis of a mutually exciting project which is now due for release in the summer of 2024! The music of BADGER WOOD centres around Wood's lyrics and Badger's Guitar.


We currently have 2 people in our group and the instruments we use are guitar and vocals. The band can perform as a solo or duo act as requested.


Lisa Jayne Wood