Billy Cart

  • Pop

  • Rock

We are 5 wheeled cart consisting of Billy Raffin, Dale Mamo, Xanthea O’Connor, Jamie Kemp, and Gianni Daniele Castro. Each wheel on the cart performs a different function. For example, there’s one that plays the bass, one that plays the synth, another that plays the guitar, and so on and so forth. But here’s where things get a little confusing: some of the wheels are multipurpose. Two of them switch between the guitar and the drums, and they both sing too. Billy Carts ain’t what they used to be - they can be anything you want. The future is now, I guess. 

The cart is currently stationed in Melbourne (Naarm), Australia, but seeing as it’s also a portable, living being, it’s ready to go anywhere. We also love art and movies, so we like to collaborate with all kinds of hooligans and riff raffs. You can speak to us about ideas, you know. 

Set up

5 piece band (drums, 2x guitar, bass, synth). The drummer and one of the guitarists switch instruments. We can play as a full band or as a smaller version (duo, trio, etc).


Billy Raffin