Black Jesus Experience (BJX)

Black Jesus Experience (BJX)

Black Jesus Experience (BJX)
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Black Jesus Experience (BJX) is a ten-piece band playing an irresistibly danceable blend of traditional Ethiopian jazz and 21st Century funk and groove. Like the diverse backgrounds of its members, BJX’s music reflects the multicultural vibrancy of the band’s hometown, Melbourne, Australia.

Singer Enushu Taye began entertaining her local community as a child in Addis Ababa. Forced to leave Ethiopia, Enushu migrated to Australia bringing hauntingly beautiful compositions inspired by her remarkable life story and the unique vocal traditions of Ethiopia. Enushu is joined on vocals by poetic giant and lyrical miracle Mr Monk, Zimbabwe born and outback-bred.

When not touring, BJX run a weekly session at cultural hub, The Horn, creating new songs live on stage featuring guest artists from all walks of life. The facility BJX has with this practice lies in the improvising traditions of that feed BJX including Hip-Hop, Jazz, Azmari and Funk.

Black Jesus Experience have recently released their 6th studio album, their second collaboration with their long time mentor, the inventor of Ethio-Jazz: Mulatu Astatke. The album, To Know Without Knowing, was recorded and mixed across 3 continents, and upon release has already been The Guardian Jazz Album of the Month and Bandcamp's Album of the Day.

The rhymes and chimes of Black Jesus Experience deliver the power and beauty of Africa through the vocal prism of Hip-Hop and freedom of Funk.

Set up

10-piece group best suited for larger rooms and festivals. Always attract a large crowd and have a healthy following in Australia and Europe.

Contact details

Tanya McLaine (agent)