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Alternative singer-songwriter Gordon Holland has been making waves that have washed up and dried themselves into the forefront of Melbourne’s musical shores. Following his relocation from Perth and bringing with him his musical partner, the pair formed The Naysayers in 2010 and soon took their garage rock to live stages around Australia.

While still writing and working within The Naysayers, Holland found himself on a solo path which saw him merging his musical creativity into waters that had previously been uncharted. Soon after, he collaborated with fellow singer-songwriter Charlie Lane where the two constructed her successful The Darkest Time which featured on Spotify’s Badass Women playlist and has been popularised in retail stores globally.

Producing his debut single Melbourne Bitter in Los Angeles with Luke Tierney and mastered by Tom Beard in Australia, Holland led the cohort on a guitar owned by Foo Fighters guitarist, Chris Shiflett. Melbourne Bitter went on to become a semi-finalist in the 2019 International Song Writing Competition.

Following on from such successes, Holland has been sailing the seas between his Takamine acoustic and Fender Jaguar in a way that enables his music to flow through lyrics that are confessional and nostalgic yet humorous and wistful.

In combination with his big choruses and singalong verses, Holland fuses alternative country with Britpop; imagine if early Elton John and Paul Kelly had been a part of Oasis in 2020 and boom! Gordon Holland should very well be exactly what you have in mind.

Set up

Gordan can perform either solo acoustically or with a backing group consisting of:

- Vocal/acoustic guitar

- Keyboard/backing vocal

- Electric guitar

- Bass

- Drums

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Gordon Holland