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JAZZPARTY are an eight piece phenomena from Melbourne fronted by incomparable vocalist Loretta Miller and sporting the co-writing prowess of band leader/saxophonist, Darcy McNulty. JAZZPARTY erupts on stage and record alike as a living, breathing organism, fuelled by the fire of its own searing musicianship. 

Joining Miller and McNulty (both formerly of Clairy Browne & The Bangin’ Rackettes) are colleagues Gideon Preiss (piano, vocals), Lachlan Mitchell (guitar, vocals), Donnie Stewart (trombone/trumpet, percussion), Eamon McNelis (trumpet), Dominic Hede (drums) and Jules Pascoe (double bass) whose collective credits range from work with Nai Palm (Hiatus Kaiyote), Husky, Jaala and more. 

JP started by accident. A beautiful mistake. But soon made a name for themselves with their infamous month-long Monday night residences, playing everywhere and anywhere across Melbourne and taking their upright piano with them. 

From a tiny corner in Carlton’s Curtin Hotel to the ritualistic throes of Dark Mofo, the JAZZPARTY brand has gone on to electrify Australia’s most celebrated stages including Golden Plains, Melbourne International Jazz Festival, and New Year’s Evie. Debut album Monday Night (2017) garnered international attention with lead single, Rock N’ Roll Graveyard hailed as the “rock and roll version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller” (Wild n Free); a comment as intriguing as it is ironic, because all things considered, no one hustles like JAZZPARTY. 

Let’s get one thing straight: no one goes to see this band to have their expectations met. They go to have them completely, dutifully, willingly blown away. 

Come to the Party. 


8 people 

Loretta Miller - Lead vocals 

Darcy McNulty - saxophone/Lead vocals 

Dominic Hede - drums 

Jules Pascoe - double bass 

Lachlan Mitchell - guitar/backing vocals 

Grant Arthur - trombone 

Eamon Mcnelis - trumpet 

Gideon Priess - keys 


Sean Simmons