Jess McMahon

Jess McMahon

Jess McMahon
  • Blues

  • Folk

  • Solo artist

  • Indoor venues

  • Outdoor spaces

  • Roving

  • Busking

  • Acoustic

  • Powered

She spent a good part of her earlier high school years performing in local blues bands, and has since had a passion for Melbourne's local music scene. She has worked in community radio, co-hosted jam nights and enjoyed performing at some of the special venues that Melbourne has to offer.

Her debut EP was released April 17th, 2021 – titled These Six Strings. She will be releasing a single of that EP shortly before, titled Up Yonder.

Alongside that single, will be the release of a music video filmed, directed and edited by Agostino Soldati.

Set up

1x electric guitar
1x mic

Contact details

Jess McMahon