John Wayne Parsons

John Wayne Parsons

John Wayne Parsons
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John Wayne Parsons is a proud Yuggerabul Meriam Le man. He is a composer, producer and performer whose singing practice is deeply embedded within his cultural identity.

The eldest of two children born to John Horatio and Avanel Joyce Parsons (nee Williams), his father is Yuggerabul from southeast Queensland and mother is Meriam Le with ancestral ties to other Island nations in the Torres Strait.

John is proud of his ancestral ties to cultural warriors and knowledge holders from both sides of his Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage. Highly skilled men and women who have kept culture alive through ongoing practices that include: Story telling; Observing and keeping Lore; Singing; Dance; Gardening; Spiritual guidance and practice Land management and; Using knowledge to navigate sea and read stars.  

John graduated from a Bachelor of Arts in Education in 1997 and worked in several community roles based in Eora (Sydney). He currently works as a Schools and Community Liaison Officer, Recruiter and Student Support Officer, for the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music at The University of Melbourne. In 2016 he enrolled into a Masters’ degree and then undertook a PhD in Indigenous Arts and Culture (Research) at The University of Melbourne.


Lead vocalist with option to have accompanist, which can include the following:

Guitarist (majority of the time)

Backing Vocals (1-3 people)

Drummer/ Percussionist

Double Bass


Electric Saw



John Wayne Parsons