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Katankin is the solo moniker of indie-folk singer-songwriter, instrumentalist, and producer Helen Catanchin. Formally trained as a jazz singer, Katankin was born from Helen’s desire to return to her singer-songwriter roots. A phonetic spelling of her Russian surname (allowing its correct pronunciation for the first time in the singer’s life), Katankin further symbolises this return to one’s roots, to one’s true self.

Helen’s unique and compelling voice, along with her poetic and poignant, cuts-to-the-bone songwriting, put their unmistakable stamp on Katankin’s songs. She writes and sings unabashedly and with great vulnerability, from the darkest recesses, wading through love, despair, loathing, fear, rage, lust, and then up, up, up into the light.

Katankin's debut EP, recorded through the extended 2021 lockdown, is scheduled for vinyl release in November, with four singles out on all digital platforms now.  


Solo singer-songwriter, playing an acoustic guitar.


Helen Catanchin