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MAXON is a Singer-Songwriter, Artist Manager (Mathilde Anne), Event and Bookings Agent at Main Ridge’s The Shed Theatre (The Pig and Whistle), and Co-Founder of independent Peninsula record label Sandhill Records. As an artist, MAXON spent her early teen years running in and out of studios, writing and recording original music with her then vocal coach and release artist Cheryl Beattie (Warner Music, 1999).  

Where others chose to study tertiary music, MAXON earned herself a degree in Entertainment Music Business, and forged ahead as a self-managed solo artist, pursuing her music education through experience and performance. With countless comparisons to her idols - Alanis Morrisette, Sara Barielles, and Jewel, she has earned adulation for her trademark dynamic and emotive vocals “...that’d make London Grammar quiver…” (Gemma Pike, Triple J, 2018). 

As an artist, MAXON’s true desire with her music is to spread the message of unconditional love, in an effort to help people work through their heartbreak around being let down in this way. She is an LGBTQIA+ woman and her story comes with a lifetime of struggle for acceptance notched into her belt. Despite a heavy heart and track lines rusted into her cheeks, MAXON has a light spirit that is begging to share the love.


6-Piece band: Drums, Bass, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass and Keys + 4 vocals.  

Trio set up: Electric guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Keys and 3 vocals. 


Nay Pattuwage