McDermott & North

  • Pop

  • Folk

Between songwriters Patrick McDermott and Rhys North, there exists a natural and organic creative dynamic partnership. Together, their work as McDermott & North has already brought them praise from Australian and international industry alike and as they progress throughout 2022, the duo are continuing to step things up.

Since their first meeting in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley back in 2016, McDermott & North have been elevating themselves as live performers, while their music has captivated audiences. Honing their influences and core sound, the act has had their music recognised by the likes of Triple J, BBC Radio and Radio NZ. Cutting their teeth as performers as successful buskers, McDermott & North’s trajectory to becoming some of Brisbane’s favourite headline performers was on set early.

Set up

2 vocals and 2 guitars for duo setup.

2 vocals, 2 guitar, bass and drums for band setup.

Contact details

Michael Watson