Mz Burn

  • Hip-Hop

Natalie Burne AKA Mz Burn. Playful. Powerful. Queer. Feminine. Rap. 

After years of living in the Bolivian Amazon rescuing & rehabilitating wildlife from the illegal pet trade, fate could not hold Mz Burn back from returning home to deliver her creative manifestations to Burn City and beyond. 

Early in her musical career Mz Burn tapped into collaboration agreements with Australian producers and has made continuous hits for synchronisation signing with international publishers.  

As one of few women in her SAE audio engineering course and often the only female performer in male dominated hip hop venues, Mz Burn desires to inspire an environment where all feel comfortable and confident to express themselves and their art by taking up space in the arena and broadening the narrative of Australias’ music scene. 


I require a wireless dynamic microphone, foldback monitor and mixer to play backing tracks from USB.


Natalie Burne