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Melbourne’s Jarabi Band takes audiences on a journey from the ancient Manding Empire of West Africa to modern-day city life, weaving together the timeless musical traditions of Guinea with the contemporary sounds of Melbourne’s vibrant music scene.

Led by visionary master musician Mohamed Camara, Jarabi crafts a unique tapestry of infectious rhythms, intricate melodies and soul-stirring vocals. Driven by a deep desire to share Guinea's music and culture with the world, Mohamed has assembled a group of exceptionally talented musicians who share his vision. Together, Jarabi create a musical experience that ignites the stage and fills the dance floor!


Full band - 6 musicians:
Mohamed Camara - djembe, kora, lead vocals
Anna Camara - balafon, dunun, backing vocals
Thomas E Rouch - electric guitar
Maddison Carter - drums
Georgia Frey - bass guitar
Cheryl Duronpisitkul - saxophone

Solo and duo acts possible with Mohamed Camara.


Anna Camara (Performer / Manager)