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Madi Leeds

Madi Leeds
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Pairing introspective lyrics with layered Sonic Textures, Madi Leeds offers a compelling take on the Indie-Pop genre.

A seasoned performer at a young age, Madi Leeds is proving to be an artist with an eclectic sound palate that seems to be ever growing. Madi’s understated yet commanding vocal presence acts as perfect force for the storytelling within her songs. The personable and playful lyricism invites the listener into Madi’s world. A world that combines glimmering synthesisers and an infectious energy that displays the song writing craft that Madi has accumulated through years of performing and writing.

The bright and vibrant style of Madi Leeds has helped carve out a space for her within the Melbourne/Naarm Music scene. The warm and nostalgic single Spinelli caught the eye of Push Records and through their signing, Madi’s music career reached new heights. Because of her hard work and knack for writing incredibly catchy hooks, Madi was given the opportunity to record the last single Identity alongside Japanese Wallpaper. This combination proved to be a success as Identity gained airtime on Triple J (Home & Hosed and Good Nights) as well as glowing reviews from radio presenters on Triple J Unearthed. Identity showcased all the personality and sounds that made Madi’s music unique. Japanese Wallpaper’s production gave her a well-crafted canvas that allowed her vocals and bubbly instrumentation to shine on a stage bigger than ever before.

Capitalising on this recent run of momentum Madi Leeds is set to release her latest single 0-100. A Dreamy Pop track (Produced by Hamish Patrick) that sees the artist again highlight her song writing ability with broader instrumentation an even deeper level of personal insight.

Set up

Madi Leeds (Voice, Guitar - acoustic/electric)

Full Band

+ David Quested (Drums)

+ Jesse Lane (Bass Guitar)

+ Damon Langley (Guitar/Keys)

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Madi Leeds