Maya Vice

Maya Vice

Maya Vice
  • Pop

  • R&B

  • Hip-Hop

  • Electronic

  • Soul

  • Jazz

  • Solo artist

  • DJ

  • Indoor venues

  • Outdoor spaces

  • Roving

  • Busking

  • Acoustic

  • Powered

A vivid fusion of R&B, soul and electronic jazz, Maya Vice's electric sound mirrors her Australian, African American, and Austrian roots. With a new name and a new story to tell, Maya Vice is here to stay. At the age of 27, Maya Vice already has over a decade of performing under her belt.

Born into the sounds of the world’s greatest by her musician father, who introduced her to the music world from a very early age, Maya Vice’s music is a unique melting pot of styles and influences from across the globe. While working on new music, Maya has been DJing her original live show across Melbourne and is about to release a new single with label One Love.

Set up

Main set up – 5 musicians, keys, drums, bass, guitar and sax

Multiple set ups available depending on the show

Contact details

Maya Weiss